Welcome to Cloud Matsuri, a very special virtual convention for the anime community staying at home around the world. Our goal is to take what makes conventions special and fun and recreate it digitally so that everyone can take part safely, while keeping the community together.

Our mission statement

To bring an exciting convention to audiences virtually; to bring the community together, keeping people connected and spirits up during the coming periods and in light of rescheduled and cancelled fan events, spreading the love across the UK, US and Europe.

Part of the fun of conventions is getting freebies and going shopping, so we’re making both available digitally too! Check out our shop section for links to our partner sites where you can browse and buy some of your favourites including home video releases, merchandise, new video games etc.

Also don’t forget to grab the digital freebies from our partners and available for attendees of Cloud Matsuri - available right here on the site.

The details

30th & 31st May

2pm BST / 9am EST / 6am PST


10pm BST / 5pm EST / 2pm PST

Right here on CloudMatsuri.com or on Youtube.com/alltheanime!

Cloud Matsuri is an inclusive event designed to appeal to as wide and as diverse a spectrum of anime fans as possible. So we ask that everyone respect the spirit of our festival, be respectful of each other, and just have a good time.

Thanks for being part of our festival and remember, enjoy yourself, have fun and stay safe everyone!

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